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Where are all the restaurants, clubs, and bars?

The Beijinger is the best choice for English content on the web. They also have great monthly magazines available at Western-style restaurants throughout Beijing. You can find openings for latest restaurants, reviews of bars, and things to do with kids on the weekend. Also if you need to rent an apartment or do something like that, The Beijinger is awesome for all that cool stuff.

How do I get online to use the Internet in Beijing?

Most restaurants and bars have free Wifi connections. But you should be prepared to register by using your passport. Also, you will need a VPN and we suggest Kovurt VPN for their good prices and fantastic service for travelers in China. And a great VPN for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch mobile devices is also Kovurt’s app in the iTunes Store.

Where can I buy airline tickets and book hotel rooms? is the English-language website for in China. It is owned by an American company named IAC and they are listed on the stock market in the USA so you can rely on them for great prices. They will also deliver the tickets to your hotel room!

Where do I go if I have an emergency?

You should always carry your embassy’s contact details. For police emergencies if you have a dangerous situation, dial “119” on your phone. Also yell “xiao tou”, which means “thief”, if someone steals your handbag.

Can you suggest some good China-focused blogs and websites for more news and information?
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